Map out where the stops are bitmex

map out where the stops are bitmex

His passion for the ecosystem and work in the space continues to earn him fans but his persona took quite a hit at the end of when he sold his Litecoin at the peak of the bubble. When the system is under load there may be latency between the trading engine and clients. Market order means the order gets filled right away at market price. Towards the end of , rumors began circulating that Goldman Sachs was setting up plans to open its own crypto trading desk. Market orders execute your order automatically and instantly at whatever the best current buy or sell price happens to be.
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How to long keep positon open on bitmex

how to long keep positon open on bitmex

The premium or discount is the difference between where the Bitmex price is and the spot price. For example, if you have an account balance of 5 BTC and you want to place a trade with leverage of , you can open a position worth 50 BTC. When you leverage trade, you can access increased buying power and may open positions that are much larger than your actual account balance. So, be happy and satisfied with the profit and wait for a chance to buy back. The heyday of making big money in the regular markets is over. Continue this thread.
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